“Thanks once again for the casting instruction; both myself and Will found it very useful. It was good that you explained some of the mechanics behind it all as that understanding enables the student to apply the knowledge to various situations, rather than rote-learn an action. As we mentioned, it was a good approach to assess the level skill (or lack of it) of the client and then tailor make the session.”

“It was indeed an interesting lesson and time for some changes to my 55 year old technique I think! Next time I spend a weekend away fishing, I’ll certainly give the single and double haul some practice, and check those angles, something I’ve never even thought about before…”

“I attended the casting lesson with my son and I would like to thank Leslie and Andre for hosting a brilliant session and for spending quality individual time with both of us. I especially valued their time spent with Mitchell. We both exceeded what we hoped to achieve thanks to our dedicated and very patient instructors. I am sure everyone who attended benefited from an amazing morning.”

“Thanks for a great and informative session Leslie and Andre!”

“Thank you Andy, it was great meeting you! You were great with the group! Your tuition was spot on! You are a super young man and not arrogant and that makes you 10x better than others we’ve experienced.”

“Thank you very much for your input into my casting!”