Andy-profileHi, I’m Andy

I offer fly-casting tuition to individuals and small groups from beginner to more advanced fly-casters.

This is a highly personalised and comprehensive program that will take you to the next level in fly-casting and improve your fishing results.

If you are new to the sport it is critical that you do not develop bad habits when you start fly-casting. Get the right guidance from the start to perform and practice the correct methods into muscle memory.

For the more advanced fly-casters, I will focus on your specific needs and developments including solving previously learned casting errors and general troubleshooting. Come and expose yourself to new casts, new techniques and sharpen up your timing, accuracy and distance.

I set the groundwork by teaching the essentials of good fly-casting. My coaching then expands to analyse casting errors and teaching their corrections.

Further training involves:

  • Loop control – casting wide loops, narrow loops and tailing loops “its causes and its corrections” plus the adjustments needed to maintain loop control while feeding line to extend the distance of the cast.
  • Line control – reach casts, reach mends, casting in different planes, slack line presentation and different roll casts
  • Accuracy casting – at different distances and the adjustments needed for closer to further distances
  • Distance casting – including the single and double haul casts
  • Dealing with wind – how to cast with a head wind, a tail wind and side wind directions

People learn in different ways. Every learner has their own pace and style of learning. Some start slowly, but then progress in leaps and bounds. Others start fast and then sometimes hit a plateau. I will adapt my coaching to your personal style and all lessons are in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. After all – Fly Fishing should be fun!

I hold an International Qualification as a certified Fly-Casting Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers/IFFF (now Fly Fishers International/FFI). 

My coaching is adapted to your individual level of experience, so whether you are a novice or experienced fly fisherman, you don’t need to be worried that the training will be too difficult, just as you don’t need to worry about working on things you already know or are good at.

I will give you tools for continued self-training, so that you can keep on practicing and developing even after you have attended the sessions.