image001What do I have to bring along to my casting session?

  • Your normal / favourite fly-fishing rod, the one you are most comfortable with and if you have a second rod of 1 to 2 weights up or down, bring that too. Try and stay in the 4 to 7 weight range. I feel that in general 4 to 7 weights are the most suitable for practicing and perfecting your casting
  • Matching reel and matching floating fly line. (Bright colour line is preferred but not essential)
  • Tapered leaders (0x or 1x) of around 9 foot long. It will give you the most consistent turnover results. I can supply on the day at an additional cost if required
  • Yarn indicator as a fly
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Water

What if I do not have my own fly-fishing equipment?
Not a problem. I can supply a loan outfit for novices without equipment. Just let me know prior to your session.

Where will the sessions be held?
Preferably we will have the sessions on grass and not on water. There are multiple reasons for this, among them being that I adjust the distances of the targets to your current abilities, we can easily adjust the setup to accommodate and utilise any wind, we can walk out to check that your leader turns over properly and I can walk around you to view your casting from all angles. Any conveniently located park or sports field with short grass will suffice.

Will there be any “homework”?
There is nothing that you need to prepare ahead of your initial session. I may however identify things that you need to practice before we can move towards more advanced casting techniques. You will have to practice this before your next session as the different casts builds on each other and this “homework” will fast track your advancement.