IFFF Program

IFFFThe IFFF (International Federation of Fly Fishers) Casting Instructors Certification Program

The IFFF program provides an international standard for good casting instructors. This certification program is divided into 3 parts:

  • Written test:
    This part tests the candidates overall knowledge of fly-fishing and all aspects of the mechanics of fly-casting. It’s a comprehensive written test on various aspects of casting and teaching
  • Performance test:
    All instructors must be skilled, well rounded casters. This 2nd part of the test is to demonstrate a high level of practical knowledge, i.e. the candidate casting instructor must show mastery of all casting tasks set by the examiners.
  • Teaching test:
    The largest part of the test requires candidates to demonstrate an ability to teach casting. This includes the ability to convey concepts; identify, analyse and correct flaws; field questions and make the learning accessible and enjoyable to any level of student.

Students learn in 3 different ways: by seeing it / visual, by hearing it / verbal and by feeling it / kinesthetic. All casting instructor candidates have to show that they are able to teach fly-casting in all 3 ways.

What sets this qualification apart is that all lessons are based on the essentials of fly casting and does not intend to change a student’s personal casting style or try to teach a student to adopt the tutor’s style of casting. In addition the tutor’s teaching ability is of utmost importance and his teaching ability to all level of students is thoroughly tested.

This program is also endorsed by fly-fishing and fly-casting legends like Lee and Joan Wolf, Lefty Kreh, Mel Krieger, Jay and Bill Gammel, Bruce Richards, Doug Swisher, Gary Borger and by the Casting Board of Governors: Peter Hayes, Keith Richards, Molly Semenik, Bruce Williams and Rick Williams

You can read about it in more detail at www.fedflyfishers.org